If you need more water, a borehole clean maybe your perfect solution. Our cleaning and maintenance of your water borehole ensures it is operating at its optimum capacity.

Saving water is at the forefront of all of our minds. Cleaning and maintaining your current borehole ensures it is operating at the optimal energy efficiency, and water yield as well as extending the borehole longevity. Regular maintenance reduces the need for redrilling and ensures your regulatory and compliance needs are fully met.

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Why maintain your borehole?

As a key water production asset, boreholes should be regularly cleaned and maintained to keep them healthy and operating at maximum capacity. As the UK’s leading borehole drilling and maintenance specialist, we are to here to help. Our service will help you:

Reduce borehole operating costs

Through increased pumping efficiency

Reduce the risk of borehole failure

By uncovering hidden problems

Increase the life of your borehole

Robust maintenance will extend the life of your asset and reduce the need for redrilling

Reduce your borehole energy consumption

An efficient borehole requires less energy

Improve water quality

From your borehole and reduce turbidity

Improve water flow

A clean borehole allows water to flow more freely from the aquifer

Thinking long-term...

The frequency of cleaning and the type of maintenance needed to keep a borehole in top condition would be driven by a reduction in yield, concerns over water quality, an increase in power consumption and an increase in draw down within the borehole.

To minimise inconvenience and disruption to supply, we have a variety of options to cater for your requirements from reactive works to regular maintenance plans, keeping your assets in peak condition.

Contact us to devise a maintenance plan that aligns with the frequency of cleaning to your critical infrastructure.

As part of South Staffordshire Plc, we can also assist you with any pump efficiency or replacement requirements you have through our experts at IWS M&E. Click here to read more.

Our process

With over a century of trading, we have come across every variation of borehole, cleaned them all, and created a truly bespoke process for each client.

Below is a snapshot of what our process could look like for you.

CCTV camera is inserted to verify the borehole condition

The borehole is cleaned, removing any debris

Using an air lifting process, the debris is cleared from the borehole

Thoroughly clean the borehole with or without acid as required

Water is neutralised and borehole CCTV surveyed ready for operation

Borehole is pump and water quality tested to verify the improvement

Borehole is then returned to service