Obtaining geothermal energy from deep rocks formations

Geothermal energy harnesses the heat of rocks, steam and water deep beneath the Earth’s surface. It is carbon neutral, widely available and, unlike wind and solar energy, can provide a stable supply 24/7. Therefore, geothermal energy could make a significant contribution to the renewable energy supply in Europe and worldwide.

G Stow have being involved in onshore geothermal harnessing projects for a number of our clients. We have the capability in drilling deeper to 1000 meters if required. Let G Stow the experts in geothermal energy and heat networks cater and engineer your geothermal system.

Heat Network

G Stow support the UK’s green energy commitment. We can closely work with you on the drilling of boreholes for your geothermal heating network. With the system, the residents will no longer be dependent on price increases. 

We can also drill boreholes to access water in abandoned mines to provide clean geothermal energy for your district heating network schemes.

Our group of specialists

Providing the borehole drilling

Providing the interconnecting pipework

Providing the full Mechanical and Electrical design and installation of pumps, plant rooms, control systems and pipework