G Stow is an established market leader in the rapidly expanding field of geothermal energy, providing the highest levels of expertise, service and health and safety for commercial and domestic projects.

A geothermal ground source system is shown to be six times more efficient than conventional fossil fuel heating and cooling methods, with huge environmental advantages – by using geothermal energy, no fossil fuels are required.


G Stow is a member of the Ground Source Heat Pump Association, the UK's heat pump installation industry trade association

The benefits of ground source heating systems:

Ground source heat pumps

Thinking about installing a borehole for a ground source heat pump system? For each kW used to power the system, the return can be 4kW of energy making this renewable energy source highly cost efficient.

G Stow install a vertical ground source heating system by drilling boreholes. This allows the ground source heat pump to operate a heat collection system in the ground. Installing a vertical ground source reduces the impact to the local landscape or the requirement for trenches.

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Utilising a borehole is the most efficient method of heat extraction – Still unsure?

  1. Slash your energy costs!
  2. Reduce your CO2 emissions
  3. Investing in renewable energy and creating a sustainable heating system
  4. The electricity used to power the heat pump produces up to 4 times its output from the ground source
  5. Self-sufficiency

The benefits of ground source heating systems

Consult the experts

The G Stow team is well seasoned with all aspects of borehole construction and maintenance. You will receive the highest levels of expertise and service, delivered to the highest standards of health, safety and environmental compliance for all commercial and domestic projects.

As specialists in borehole design and construction, we will handle all aspects of the installation from conception to completion, including licensing, testing and commissioning.

Borehole systems

Geothermal systems consist of open and closed loop configurations depending on particular requirements and geology.

Open loop system

An ideal solution for large commercial buildings and schools is the open-loop system using groundwater from aquifers beneath the site. Two water boreholes are installed – one to pipe water to the building where it transfers heat via a heat exchanger, and the second or ‘recharge’ borehole which returns the water to the same aquifer.

Closed loop system

Primarily for domestic or small scale projects, these use multiple small diameter boreholes consisting of a single pipe in a loop to achieve a similar result to the Open Loop System.


G Stow PLC’s expertise, logistics and planning ability combined with wide-ranging resources
enables us to service a project of any size, from domestic dwellings to major commercial

We are specialists at working and operating in complex or confined environments (such as within a city centre). Our geothermal energy team will ensure that all of your requirements are fulfilled to the highest standards and compliance.