Thinking about a Geothermal heating system?

There has been a significant rise in geothermal heating systems both commercially and privately. At G Stow we have consulted on hundreds of geothermal projects and have the expertise to assist you in your project.

A geothermal ground source system is shown to be six times more efficient than conventional fossil fuel heating and cooling methods, with huge environmental advantages – by using geothermal energy, which is available everywhere, no fossil fuels are required.

Advantages over conventional heating systems:

 • Safer – no combustible sources

 • Minimal inspection and maintenance

• Lower running costs

• No emissions or operating noise

• No exposed external units

• Reduced plant room requirements

 • No fuel handling or storage

• Long lifetime 2

 • Significant reduction in CO emissions

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G Stow announces the new flagship drilling rig!

G Stow, owned by South Staffordshire PLC (SSI) are pleased to announce the arrival of their flagship drilling rig, the Fraste FS 500.

We wanted a drilling rig that complied to all the latest safety regulations, that was capable of drilling flooded reverse and could handle 914mm casing and the FS 500 met this criterion.

G Stow has a wide customer base from the national water companies to the commercial and industrial sector. As the FS 500 is truly a multipurpose drilling rig we will be offering:

  • large diameter flooded reverse drilling for abstraction boreholes of all sizes.
  • De-watering boreholes.
  • Drilling of open loop GSHP borehole from 304mm diameter to 610mm diameter completions
  • Conventional mud and air rotary drilling.
  • DTH hammer drilling.
  • Deep slim water well drilling.
  • Mechanical rehabilitation of existing water well where access permits.

At G Stow we are committed to providing a world-class service for our customers. With the support from our group SSI this investment evidences our comitment to be market leading in our industry.

If you would like to discuss your requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.